Good things happen only in the morning

If you want to get something important done, schedule it for the morning.

I have always been a “night owl”. I loved staying up late. Nights were cool and mysterious. Dark delicious nights with its secret sounds and smells. How could you not love it?

My college hostel had a 5 AM mass that all Catholics were to compulsorily attend. I could never make it. I hated mornings, I hated mass, I hated everything.

Fast forward 25 years, I love my mornings. If I wake up at 5 AM and start my day, then that would be productive, happy, leisurely day. I am not in panic mode then. In my mind, I have the luxury of time. That feeling impacts everything I do that day, and I find that I am able to accomplish a lot without having to run around like a monkey with its tail on fire.

I’m yet to integrate 5AM into my core identity, but I have shed away my clinging to this idea of being a cool and mysterious night person. It’s not cool. It’s not mysterious. It’s just a pale substitute for the thrill of an early morning.


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