Stop watching movies and TV shows

My Disney Hotstar subscription gives me access to HBO originals. They are perfect to escape from reality for an hour or two.

A few weeks ago, I was watching Big Little Lies, a pretty intense American Drama series. Reese Witherspoon, as always, is glorious. And Nicole Kidman! Both great actors, I love them.

But I noticed that with every episode that I watched I kept sliding into a dark uncomfortable place full of the characters’ emotions. And I realized I don’t want to be there.

Why do we willingly give our emotional investment to other people’s toxicities, and worst of all, to fictional characters? Why do we become willing garbage bins?

I stopped watching Big Little Lies because honestly, no escape from reality is worth the sticky gunk that you bring back from the hell they send you into.

I am in the middle of YellowStone and I am watching it just for Kevin Costner. He’s always been my favourite.

After I’m done with YellowStone, I will stop watching movies and TV shows because honestly they are a waste of time. I can read books or draw or go for a walk. If I have to watch something, I have the whole series of Hercule Poirot with me which I can watch.

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